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The Girl To Slip Through My Fingers

I have not been knowing which way to go very much all the time for a period of time, can’t look for myself direction. An important reason which myself is fettered for a girl.

Hey, it is strange to think about, I who am always opinionated will be fettered by this so-called emotion too. Assume as a matter of course always by I since always think how it is, but non- so fact. Did not know until today , the person at my side did not treasure , had known regretting already late while waiting until losing originally. The girl missing is not coming back , I only bless her, Right, the cardialgia feeling only goes to have a trial test by myself.

Night is silent, my heart should be silent too. Think carefully what , for whom I really pursue in this period of time.The girl to slip through my fingers can not back my side, I can’t stay in the past forever . Has looked for a job since last year, it is indefinite to walk back and forth all the time till now, more or less the factor to consider her. She has already left me now, I prepare for myself hard, future is myself after all, I must become a strong-minded person , can’t give up the future of all my life because of some setbacks of emotion .

By Elwin He
Date at 2007-04-10 21:31:35


本文标题:The Girl To Slip Through My Fingers


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